Professional Tax Service

Over the years, our clients told us they would like Savant to prepare their personal income tax returns. As these requests grew, we continually evaluated the feasibility of offering this service. In early 2013, we offered tax preparation services to several hundred clients who had previously expressed interest. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response, we are excited to be able to provide income tax preparation services for our clients.

We respect our clients’ relationships with their existing tax professionals. Where there is a good relationship, we certainly do not wish to disturb it, so we will continue to work with your existing tax professional if you so choose. If you have been self-preparing your returns, or if you are looking for an alternative solution, we are ready to add value.

In addition to personal income taxes, we are able to prepare business returns, estate and trust returns, along with special returns, such as gift tax returns or returns for Charitable Remainder Trusts. Savant can be your one-stop-shop for your planning and tax needs.