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14 Apr
April 14, 2014

By now many of you have heard the news of a recent website security issue called the Heartbleed Bug. This issue that was identified last week has to do with vulnerability in a popular website security mechanism called OpenSSL. The purpose of OpenSSL is to encrypt traffic to and from a client computer and a web server. It is used by many websites, and it’s suggested that over 500,000 sites were using the version of OpenSSL that was flawed. Essentially,

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13 Apr
April 13, 2014

Mosquitoes, bugs, and vampire bats – they just don’t have a chance
they try to draw out blood from me – when I wear shorter pants
they ‘light upon my arms and bite – they then begin to draw
but watch ‘em close, they thinner get – like sucking backed up straw

they drop from me, they fall down dead – they’ll never bite another
it looks like life and air was choked – it looks like they’ve been smothered
it’s hard

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09 Apr
April 09, 2014

It likely was my grandma’s fault, my own financial woes.
The troubles that come regular were never ones I chose.
Some are big ones, some are small, there’s even mediocre. They’re dealt out random from a deck, and I just get the joker.

Just like you, “my” family, ‘twas as dealt and not a choice.
Can only pick one relative,  for that I do rejoice.
You only get to choose your spouse; dealt out are all the rest.
New in-laws plus a

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03 Apr
April 03, 2014

First, I must disclose to you that I actually have three sons; each has his own personality and his own ambitions. It’s my oldest son, the quintessential student, who at the age of 14 already has a strong desire and motivation to attend Notre Dame.  I’m not exactly sure why he became such a big fan of the school, either, other than the fact that he is a huge sports fan, and it might have to do with Notre Dame’s

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01 Apr
April 01, 2014

Myth or Fact #1: You can only contribute to a 529 plan sponsored by your home state.

Myth. U.S. residents can take advantage of 529 plans available in any state across the country. Though there sometimes can be benefits of contributing to your home state plan, more often than not, the out-of-state choice is much better from a total cost and ease of use standpoint. Even if your home state plan offers a tax incentive for participation, make sure

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