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27 Jul
July 27, 2018

It was the first year of my marriage in 1991 and I was driving home from work listening to a call-in program. The host asked listeners to give the best advice they had ever received to help them stay motivated. It could be for anything: setting goals, maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, having positive relationships, handling money, etc.

One of the callers offered that he followed the 6 F’s — Faith, Family, Friends, Fun, Fitness, and Finances.

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19 Jul
July 19, 2018

As the old saying goes, “there are only two things certain in life – death and taxes.” Because everyone has to face these realities sooner or later, taking time to implement certain tax planning strategies and create or review your estate plan, can save you money and provide peace of mind, both now and in the future.

First, let’s talk taxes.

While we all have to pay our dues to Uncle Sam each year, there are several planning strategies that can help

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09 Jul
July 09, 2018

Becoming a first-time parent is both exhilarating and exhausting. For new mothers especially, it can be frightening. Caring for a newborn adds so many new things to worry about. As a new mom myself, I’ve experienced this firsthand. From the moment we brought our son home, I worried about whether he was eating enough, sleeping enough, and, dare I say it, pooping enough.

In addition to new worries, I often thought about my hopes and dreams for my new little one,

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06 Jul
July 06, 2018

Social Security plays a key role in many Americans’ retirement plans. Understanding the benefits available in different situations is important, especially for women. According to the Social Security Administration, the median earnings for women are approximately 80% of men’s earnings.

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