04 Feb
February 04, 2014

Much attention has been given in recent months to the unintended consequences of healthcare rules and laws.  Most of this has centered on the Affordable Care Act—employers discontinuing health plans for their employees, individuals being dropped from their privately purchased insurance, and other ill effects.  One subject that has not received much press, but which may affect many seniors, is changing rules for Medicare.

Patients usually assume when they spend a night or more in a hospital that they have been

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19 Mar
March 19, 2012

If you want to fix the problem of rising costs in the U.S. healthcare system, or at least reduce the looming Medicare/Medicaid entitlement burden, there’s a surprisingly easy solution. In Washington policy circles, it has been estimated that more than 80% of all the dollars spent on healthcare in the U.S. are incurred in the last nine days of a person’s life. Many times, the money is spent keeping a person alive in a vegetative state, prolonging an incurable illness

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21 Dec
December 21, 2009

As the Senate is starting to debate the future of 17% of the US economy, the original premise for why we need to go down this path is far from clear. A main reason cited for the need to reform the current system is the poor ranking of US healthcare compared to other countries. The World Health Organization last published a list ranking 190 countries in the year 2000. The US ranked 37th, not as good as Canada or Costa

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29 Jul
July 29, 2009

The national healthcare debate has reached a new phase, as congress is formulating more detailed proposals. Depending upon who you ask, the most recent proposal is either a bold move to provide needed coverage for millions of uninsured Americans, or it is a potentially new wasteful bureaucracy that will lead to governmental takeover of another large portion of our economy. This debate provides an opportunity to look at other market-driven options that might improve healthcare delivery. One such concept is

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10 Feb
February 10, 2009

The average investor realized cumulative returns of 140% over a recent period of time. But by following a different strategy, you could have earned 833% during that same time period!

During the turbulent market conditions of the past year, investors would be happy to have positive returns of any kind. So what is the period referred to above? It is the 20 years ending 12/31/07. The next logical question is, “How could a person gain an astounding

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