11 Mar
March 11, 2020

As you hear regular coronavirus updates coupled with headlines about the market’s recent volatility, it’s difficult to put everything into perspective. If left unchecked, even the most valid emotions can lead you down a dangerous path concerning your investments.In this 20-minute webcast, our Investment Research team will put recent updates into perspective for you by addressing common questions and concerns.

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15 Nov
November 15, 2013


The ghouls and ghosts of the season were hushed by positive returns and healthy economic reports this October despite the U.S. federal government shutdown. The partial government shutdown combined with the debt ceiling limit being reached had the world on watch making for nervous investors. The returns, however, were not reflective of that stress as global equities (MSCI World IMI Index) advanced 3.9% for the month and have gained 19.7% year-to-date. More specifically, the U.S. and developed international equity markets

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07 Apr
April 07, 2011

Typically I think of this saying as meaning if you pay a little extra for certain things, you will
hopefully get higher quality which will be a better use of your money over time. There is a twist to the meaning of this when buying mutual funds. The clever cocktail napkin drawing below says what many research studies have proved to be the case with mutual funds – the higher you pay in fees (expense ratio), the higher the chances are

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17 Mar
March 17, 2011

With interest rates near historic lows, the outlook for bond returns may not be as good as the outlook for stocks. As interest rates rise, bonds could be challenged. Even in a worst case scenario where rising interest rates could trigger a bond bear market, it is important to remember that bond bear markets are dramatically different from stock bear markets. The majority of a bond investor’s return comes from income. As rates rise, the income investors receive from their

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