17 May
May 17, 2012

Today investors will have the opportunity to pay between $28 to $35 a share to own a piece of the addictive social networking service. People everywhere are clamoring to get at least a few of the 337.5 million shares that will be offered by Morgan Stanley and 30 other underwriters.

Most of you know that an initial public offering, or IPO, is the first time a company sells its stock to the public at large. “To the

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28 Apr
April 28, 2011

A few weeks ago I was heading out of town for the weekend and decided to check the weather report. It indicated they were expecting scattered thunderstorms in the area I was headed to. So did this mean I should expect rain all day or was it hit and miss? My curiosity got the best of me so I perused the National Weather Service site for more information. Here is what I found out…

•    Widely scattered thunderstorms means 20% of

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20 Jul
July 20, 2009

It’s human nature for us to feel sorry for ourselves. Some of us are very upset with the losses incurred in the stock market. If not impacted directly, we know a family member or friend that is currently collecting unemployment. My daughter has fallen victim to this. Her employer provided media research to nation wide companies, but with businesses cutting down on their research & development, her employer had to make cuts. My husband and son had been working overtime

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06 Jul
July 06, 2009

If Bailout was the 2008 Word of the Year then this has to be in the running for the 2009 honors…

Stimulus– stim-u-lus : something that rouses or incites to activity as a: Incentive b: Stimulant c: an agent (as an environmental change) that directly influences the activity of a living organism or one of its parts (as by exciting a sensory organ or evoking muscular contraction or glandular secretion) Merriam-Webster There is not a person in

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29 Jun
June 29, 2009

Earlier this week I learned that Merriam-Webster picks a word of the year. They have apparently been doing this for a few years now. In 2003 the winner was DEMOCRACY, followed by BLOG in 2004, 2005 went to INTEGRITY, while 2006 gave us TRUTHINESS, and 2007 was W00T. Prior to 2008 the Word of the Year was selected based on the number of lookups on the Merriam-Webster website as well as how these words have slipped into everyday discussions. Thus

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