12 Jul
July 12, 2012

Retirees today face enormous challenges as expenses and costs continue to rise. Yet yields on bonds and fixed income assets remain depressed; the yield on short-term bonds is less than 0.5%. A longer term might yield up to 2%. How can retirees plan to meet their future income needs in such a low-interest environment?

Unfortunately, many retirees have chosen to move into assets that produce a higher yield, including high-yield bonds, high dividend-paying stocks, and master

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30 May
May 30, 2012

Here’s a deceptively simple question: how much of your income should you save during your working years if you want to enjoy a comfortable retirement?

To answer the question definitively, you have to know how long you’ll be working (and saving), how long you’ll live in retirement, and what the investment returns will be both during the accumulation period and also throughout your retirement years.

Wade Pfau, a researcher who is currently director of macroeconomic policy

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09 Apr
April 09, 2012

Remaining optimistic about the future is certainly not fashionable today. Most of the data we take in reminds us of the hurdles standing between us and economic progress. Are we really doomed? Will the next 20 years be littered with volatile markets and below-average returns? As a rational optimist, I have difficulty accepting this fate. Humans have been making progress for thousands of years. In economic terms, a desire for a better quality of life, access to raw

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22 Dec
December 22, 2011

In today’s technology age, people are concerned with how their information and data are shared.  Given security breaches at reputable companies, their concern is understandable. While identity theft usually receives the most attention, there is another privacy concern that is consistently raised by clients. They are afraid people in their community will discover their financial resources. As a result, clients may not fully disclose their finances with their entire professional team. As a planner, I have been asked

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20 Apr
April 20, 2011

Over the past few months I met several clients whose parents were suffering from early stages of dementia. Clients painfully recount how mom and dad began to lose their ability to recognize loved ones. In addition to the emotional challenges, dementia can also have a tremendous impact on a family’s financial resources. How can you help protect mom and dad?

Identify the early warning signs of dementia – don’t be afraid to take action. In one circumstance the aging

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