15 Nov
November 15, 2013

I’m not talking about an exercise plan. I’m talking about stretching the benefits of your IRA.

Many people will not spend all the money in their IRAs and they are looking for multigenerational planning techniques. A Stretch IRA can be the perfect solution. A stretch IRA is a wealth transfer method that allows you to potentially “stretch” your IRA over several future generations.

As an IRA owner, you are required

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29 Feb
February 29, 2012

I just filled my car up with gas. As I paid for my gas, I asked the attendant for a lottery ticket. I never purchase lottery tickets, but thought I would give it a try just this once. I asked for the little lotto and saw that the prize was $100,000. The attendant asked me if I wanted the Powerball instead. He said the prize was over $100,000,000. Nope, I replied, I just want to win enough to help pay

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08 Feb
February 08, 2011

Albert Einstein said, “The most powerful force in the Universe is compound interest.” He referred to it as one of the greatest “miracles” known to man.

Compound interest is interest added to the principal of your investment so that from that moment on, the added interest also earns interest. This addition of interest to the principal is called compounding. The outcome can be very powerful.

Through the power of compounding, a small amount of money over time can grow into

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27 Jul
July 27, 2009

The average American household’s credit card debt in 1990 was $2,966. In 2007 it was $9,840.
While some Americans say debt is often the result of unfortunate circumstances beyond a person’s control, others say it is usually the result of bad decisions.
At least 1 in ten consumers have more than 10 credit cards in their wallets.

Debt can be the largest source of financial worry and decay. It can also be a building block to accumulate significant wealth. The key is you

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14 Jul
July 14, 2009

 The main responsibility of an Executor is to distribute property to the beneficiaries ccording to the instructions set out in a person’s will. It may sound simple, but executors are often faced with many duties that can become complicated and time consuming. It is usually best to get advice from professionals including an attorney, accountant, and financial planner. You may perform some or all of the following steps when settling an

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