18 Mar

The Coronavirus Crisis: We’re in a Bear Market: Now What?

March 18, 2020

Now that we’re in a bear market, many investors are wondering how it will impact their portfolios. Phil Huber, Savant Capital’s chief investment officer and Gina Beall, manager of investment research discuss the effects of COVID-19 and outline the four most likely areas of potential impact.

The bear market has officially begun, with levels of market volatility not seen since 2008, and market trends are drastically changing by the day. In this 20-minute webcast, our Investment Research team will share timely data to quantify the effects of COVID-19 and their insights about the four most likely areas of potential impact. You’ll also hear about the expected long-term ramifications of these recent events and lessons from past bear markets. Watch the webcast: 

We are in a bear market

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