10 Dec

Build me up Buttercup

December 10, 2007

I will never forget the year Mom received “Buttercup.”  She had religiously collected every ornament from Hallmark’s Mary’s Angels Collection.  But she missed Buttercup one year.  She had come to accept the fact her collection would never be complete.  When she opened her gift and identified the lost treasure, she cried tears of joy.

Ask any child if they would prefer to get a gift or give a gift, the answer becomes abundantly clear.  However, as we mature into young adults and develop our own unique value systems, only then do we truly begin to understand the value of gift-giving.

For many of us, the holiday season reminds us of our desire to help those around us who are truly less fortunate.  Here are a few tips if you plan on elevating your gift-giving during the holiday season:

Consider giving to organizations or institutions that have had a positive impact on your life. Giving is not just about opening your pocketbook.  Offer your talents or skills to a needy cause.  Teaching a class or volunteering at a soup kitchen can add tremendous value to a community. Consider including your children in your gift-giving plan.  Have them pick out a present for a needy child. Mom received Buttercup and completed her collection, however, we received a gift far greater than the price of the ornament.  We received the joy of our  mother’s smile.

As you enter this holiday season, go ahead and be selfish.  Give back to your community and warm your heart.

This is the first part of a series on charitable giving.  Stay tuned for next blog that will identify a unique tool to simplify your charitable giving.

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