14 Jul
July 14, 2009

 The main responsibility of an Executor is to distribute property to the beneficiaries ccording to the instructions set out in a person’s will. It may sound simple, but executors are often faced with many duties that can become complicated and time consuming. It is usually best to get advice from professionals including an attorney, accountant, and financial planner. You may perform some or all of the following steps when settling an

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18 Jan
January 18, 2009

Historically low mortgage rates may prompt you to consider refinancing your mortgage, but yes, it is different this time.

In the old days you would call your local mortgage lender and ask for the rate du jour (just like soup) on a 30-year fixed mortgage. All day long the rate that was quoted stayed the same, like Chicken Noodle at your local diner. Now, the mortgage process is a WHOLE different ballgame! No longer can the lender just quote you a

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