01 Oct
October 01, 2014

On the surface converting an IRA account to a Roth account seems to make perfect sense. What a great way to pass on tax free assets to the next generation or even have tax free money that you can take out, at your discretion, during retirement. Before you rush out and convert your IRA to a Roth account, however, let’s take a closer look.

First and foremost, the president included a few proposals in his 2015 budget to

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05 Sep
September 05, 2014

By now everyone and their brother probably knows the pros of owning a Roth IRA, but what about other options? Yes, there are other ways to build your ideal future! Having a tax-free bucket of money can provide tax planning flexibility in retirement income strategies that allows you to live the retirement lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

While Roth IRAs are important retirement investing tools, they have restrictions on who can fund them in any given year.  For example, high income earners

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05 May
May 05, 2014

After spending the last several weeks meeting with 401(k) participants, I am reminded how confusing 401(k) options can be.   Choices are never easy, and there is a lot to know and understand.   Many participants want to know “how to do retirement right.”  What I have assembled below are the top 10 most common pitfalls 401(k) investors fall into, and some steps to take to help avoid these.

1)    Rollovers processed incorrectly
If you worked at an employer where you had a 401(k)

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30 Dec
December 30, 2013

Imagine buying a car and not being informed of all aspects that were pertinent to your decision.  What if the car dealership did not tell you about bad gas mileage, a leaky sunroof, rebates, financing specials, no spare tire, numerous recalls on previous models, or other expensive ongoing maintenance?  Would that affect your buying decision? Obviously, most of us would not make such a purchase without that information.

Details are important.  However, in the area of 401(k) plans, many of us

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15 Nov
November 15, 2013

I’m not talking about an exercise plan. I’m talking about stretching the benefits of your IRA.

Many people will not spend all the money in their IRAs and they are looking for multigenerational planning techniques. A Stretch IRA can be the perfect solution. A stretch IRA is a wealth transfer method that allows you to potentially “stretch” your IRA over several future generations.

As an IRA owner, you are required

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