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01 Apr
April 01, 2019

For most individuals, income often comes in the form of salary, commission, tips and other job-related earnings. What many do not realize is that there are other, more creative ways one might find themselves with income, and Uncle Sam has made it his mission to attempt to capture all of them within the tax code. One such type of income we tend to forget about is income generated when an individual acquires prize winnings.

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13 Mar
March 13, 2019

Crafting a great estate plan can be a fascinating exercise, yet most of us never quite get around to it. Perhaps it’s a bit like a challenging recipe: start with a natural reluctance to contemplate your own demise, sprinkle in some unique family dynamics, season liberally with ever-changing tax laws and fold in that one heir you’re not quite sure about. Is it any wonder we procrastinate?

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14 Feb
February 14, 2019

Tax season. Those two words can launch a wide range of emotions, largely dependent on whether you will receive a refund or owe money to the IRS and/or your state when your tax return is filed.

If you are a working parent, gathering documents and filing your income tax return is probably just one more thing added to an already busy schedule.

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