31 Jan

Saving Money on Super Bowl Sunday

January 31, 2013

If you’re like me, then you likely salivated over new TV technology for the last few years while watching pixelated people, pets, and scenery on your analog rear-projection TV. This was most evident on Super Bowl Sunday. Because I grew green with jealousy each time I went to a friend’s house, and because I decided I couldn’t see the football on my own screen, I “splurged” on my very own 32″ Samsung LED TV (less than $400). That was 9 months ago. Today, I began wondering whether my investment paid off when compared to actual game ticket prices. What I found was shocking…

As with any technology, prices eventually decrease as newer products come on the market. Just three years ago my 32″ set would have cost nearly 50% more, so I guess it paid to wait. Another element that affects the price of new technology is specials leading up to a big event; for example, Black Friday or the Super Bowl. In situations like this, financial projections state that prices can decrease another 10% to 15%. Not a bad deal at all. Due to sizable discounts and the availability of new technology, many market pundits suggest upgrading your set as opposed to buying last year’s most popular model. Simply some food for thought.

Though spending $500-$2,000 on a new TV can be a big nut to crack, have you ever compared this cost to actually attending a game, much less the Super Bowl? Here are some startling statistics to ponder, and perhaps some interesting facts to spew out with your friends and family this weekend:

  • Cost of a Samsung 55″ LED TV: $2,200
  • Average resale ticket price for the Super Bowl: $2,800
  • Average purchase price of a suite for the Super Bowl: $300,000
  • Fans attending the game: 70,000

To put all of this in perspective, the total estimated ticket revenue for Sunday’s game is estimated to be $196,000,000. Collectively, these fans could save $42,000,000 by just buying the newest and best TV set from a local retailer and staying home. Not to mention the costs saved on airfare and hotel accommodations.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather save $600 and buy the 55″ TV. At least then I can control the remote, press pause (with DVR), eat my own chili, and spend time with my own friends rather than 69,999 of my “other” friends.


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