19 Nov

Welcome to SAVANTips!

November 19, 2007

Welcome to SAVANTips!  I am excited to post the inaugural message on my and my Savant colleagues’ new blog.  We intend to opine on a variety of investment, financial, lifestyle, and other topics of interest.  Some postings will discuss current events while others will convey timeless wisdom.  We will also try to capture the thoughts and concerns on our advisory clients’ minds and share them with all our readers.

We hope SAVANTips will be unique.  While I will share an occasional insight or thought, instead of this blog being my personal domain, I have drafted the entire advisory team, nearly 20 people strong, to contribute content and ideas.  The idea is to post a wide range of perspective and expertise.  Because the Savant advisory team includes experts on investments, financial planning, tax, estate planning, philanthropy, retirement planning, insurance, asset protection, divorce planning, education planning, medicine, and a myriad of financial (and other) topics, we look forward to covering lots of ground.

We are often asked what “Savant” means.  It is a French word that means “A wise person; a learned scholar.”  As such, it seems an appropriate name for our new blog.  In addition to the obvious tie in to the advisory firm where we work, our hope is to provide wisdom in the form of great tips and insights that will help readers maximize their assets, enhance the quality of their lives, and achieve personal and financial goals.

Also, we invite and challenge you to provide feedback, questions, and perspective.  We realize we are sometimes a bit non-traditional in our views.  And, we are always open to a good debate or challenge.  For contrary views not only keep life interesting, but also keep us and our readers on our toes!

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