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22 Mar
Investment Research / March 22, 2017 / White Paper

For much of history, limousines were accessible only to the wealthy, the powerful, or those who had the occasion to splurge. Most people found limousines unaffordable and impractical, and opted to use their own car or traditional public transportation. After all, they still were able to get to the same place in the end. Along came Uber in 2009 and made limousine-type service accessible, practical, and often beneficial for the mainstream. Similarly, investing in alternative asset classes (e.g. real estate, commodities, and private placements) has been common practice among large institutions and the ultra-wealthy for decades. However, in the last ten years alternative investments have become increasingly available in investment vehicles that are more suitable for mainstream investors (e.g. mutual funds and exchange-traded funds). The result of this industry shift is that mainstream investors are now able to further diversify their investment portfolios with asset classes that act differently than stocks and bonds. It should be noted that alternatives are complex, and it is paramount that sound due diligence be conducted prior to implementing any alternative investment strategy.

Savant’s due diligence process has narrowed the focus to
alternative asset classes that exhibit qualities we highly value:
cost-effective implementation, robust asset class data, and
transparency, among others. We believe that combining a modest
allocation to several alternative strategies with a traditional
portfolio of stocks and bonds has the potential to reduce portfolio
risk and enhance long-term returns. This paper is designed to
provide background, perspective, and a thoughtful outlook on
the topic of alternative investing.

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02 Mar
Savant Capital / March 2, 2017 / Article
Someone’s in for a shock,” I thought to myself as I eased the throttles forward, accelerating the plane down the runway. Our stop for fuel had been a brief one, en route to visit a client; and while we were on the ground, the airport attendant had mentioned that a rare Beechcraft Duke based there was about to go up for sale. Its owner, a successful local businessman, had died five years earlier, and the estate was finally ready to sell....
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21 Feb
Savant Capital / February 21, 2017 / Newsletter
This quarter's newsletter includes: Revue! Major Events of the Year, What We All Thought Would Happen Didn't, 2017 & Beyond, New Year, New You! Ways to Make Financial Wellbeing a Priority in 2017...
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15 Feb
Savant Capital / February 15, 2017 / Article
Making you financial wellbeing a top priority in 2017 may be a smart resolution to take on this year. Here are a few steps to help you get started....
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15 Feb
Investment Research / February 15, 2017 / Article
During the last quarter of 2016 one thing became undeniably clear - the scene is set for uncertainty in 2017. From an economic standpoint, times are good in the U.S. Unemployment is steady near pre-recession lows, wage growth is picking up, and inflation is getting close to the Fed’s 2% target. These positive trends are projected to continue into 2017, with expectations having been reinforced by the Fed’s recent rate hike and more aggressive stance on raising interest rates, announcing the projection for three interest rate increases in 2017....
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15 Feb
Investment Research / February 15, 2017 / Article
It’s human nature to form expectations on what will happen in the future. If we had polled a group of our clients or even a larger group of people, the general consensus would have likely included similar expectations to the ones mentioned in this article. We now know those expectations did not play out....
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15 Feb
Savant Capital / February 15, 2017 / Market Commentary
Global stock markets rallied to start off 2017. U.S. returns were positive with the S&P 500 Index up 1.9% for the month. International market returns were even stronger with large cap stocks up 2.9% and emerging markets surging 5.5%. On the fixed income side, interest rates stabilized and the 10‐year Treasury yield ended the month unchanged. Intermediateterm bonds gained 0.3% and international bonds were down 1.3%. REITs and commodities were nearly flat and managed futures fell 3.0%....
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24 Jan
Savant Capital / January 24, 2017 / Videos
Gina Beall, a member of Savant's investment committee and lead research analyst, shares a review of markets during the fourth quarter of 2016...
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10 Jan
Savant Capital / January 10, 2017 / Market Commentary
In December U.S. stocks continued their rally, and international stocks turned things around to finish the year positive. The S&P 500 Index gained 2.0% and U.S. small stocks were up 2.8%. All international asset classes posted positive returns, and international large value stocks rose above the rest with a 4.6% gain. Amidst a slight increase in interest rates, bonds were nearly flat in December. Intermediate‐term bonds returned just 0.1% while TIPS fell 0.1%. Results for alternatives were modest with the exception of REITs, which finished the year strong and rose 4.1% in December....
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12 Dec
Investment Research / December 12, 2016 / Market Commentary
U.S. small stocks were dominant in November, up 11.2% after a post election surge. The S&P 500 Index gained 3.7% and U.S. large value stocks were up 5.1%. International large stocks struggled with a ‐2.0% return and emerging markets dropped 4.6%. Interest rates pushed higher in November as bonds sold off. Intermediate‐term bonds fell 1.7%, international bonds were down 1.1%, and TIPS fell 1.9%. Commodities posted a 1.3% return as price increases in industrial metals accelerated. Managed futures gained 1.2% and REITs fell 2.7%....
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