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Q2 2016 Market Update Webinar
Jacob Davenport, a member of Savant's investment research team, shares a review of markets during the second quarter of 2016.

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Monthly Market Update - June 2016
Markets were tested by the UK’s vote to leave the EU but swiftly recovered most of their losses before the month ended. The S&P 500 was near flat with a return of 0.3%. International developed market stocks were hit hardest by the Brexit with losses across the board, but emerging markets gained 4.0%. Bond returns were very strong as yields declined substantially. REITs, commodities, and managed futures also had healthy returns in the 3‐5% range.

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Retirement Planning is Important for All Ages
There are three phases of retirement planning: Accumulation, Planning and Accumulation, and Decumulation. These phases are illustrated in the graph below.

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