Partnering to Create Your Ideal Future

These are just a few of the nagging questions that often keep advisors awake at night – questions that are the impetus behind and focus of this paper. Because when all is said and done, your happiness and your success are inextricably linked to achieving your Ideal Future.

To help you think about your future, this paper is divided into several sections. First we address the economics. But it’s not only about “showing me the money.” As such, we next delve into some of the “soft issues” related to finding the right partner. This is critical. As the late Peter Drucker wisely proclaimed, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Section three focuses on the importance of protecting your clients. Of course your success is bigger than you – your team has been key contributors. Accordingly, section four discusses positioning your team for long-term success. Section five provides practical considerations in negotiating a win-win deal if you choose to partner. Finally, Appendix A and B include two comprehensive checklists of questions to consider as you evaluate the merits of partnering. We are confident these questions will make you think long and hard about your clients’, your team’s and your own Ideal Future!

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  • Partnering to Create Your Ideal Future

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