Market Update – February 2020

Market Update 2020 Global Stocks

Global stocks rose 3.9% in the first half of February before plummeting 11.7% in the second half to finish down 8.2% for the month. Fear of the coronavirus impact hit both U.S. large stocks (-8.2%) as well as international large stocks (-9.0%). Bonds buffered losses with positive returns as intermediate-term bonds (+1.4%) and TIPS (+1.4%) led the pack. Alternatives were mixed with reinsurance (+0.8%) providing a positive return and global REITS (-8.2%) generating the largest loss during February.


  • Unemployment ticked up slightly to 3.6%, but in tandem with the welcome news that the labor force participation rate also rose.
  • Inflation rose to +2.5% year-over-year, which remains near the Fed target.
  • Consumer confidence remained near all-time highs.


  • U.S. large value (-9.7%) and small value (-10.4%) both trailed broader U.S. benchmarks.
  • Internationally, similar themes played out with large value (-9.5%) and small value (-10.2%) trailing large core.
  • Emerging markets (-5.3%) fell less in February in part due to coronavirus-related losses already suffered in January.


  • As investors fled risk assets, safe haven bonds made gains. In particular, U.S. Treasuries (+2.7%) were the top performing sector.
  • Intermediate-term (+1.4%) and TIPS (+1.4%) were the strongest fixed income performers.
  • International bonds (+0.9%) and short-term bonds (+0.6%) also posted positive returns.


  • Global REITs (-8.2%) struggled during the market turmoil, while commodities (-5.0%) and managed futures (-2.0%) were also negative for the month.
  • Reinsurance (+0.8%) managed to post a positive return due to its lack of correlation with traditional financial markets.

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