How To Grow With An M&A Strategy

Achieving a healthy growth rate means RIAs need to add top advisory talent to develop business and oversee key relationships. RIAs can acquire such advisors organically (hiring or developing them) or bionically (partnering with key talent via mergers and acquisitions). While both strategies have their pluses and minuses, a bionic (inorganic) strategy has tremendous upside potential and can be extremely effective in driving growth. However, choosing the wrong merger partner or acquisition target can deal your firm a crushing blow. Are you maintaining a 15% annual growth rate? Doing so is critical. Absent healthy growth, it is impossible to provide good value to your clients, your team and the communities you serve. Growing requires developing top advisory talent. In our experience doing this organically is not easy. Thus, it can be more efficient to go “bionic” and acquire or merge with another RIA to bring top talent to your firm.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Growing your own advisory talent is a good strategy but it takes a lot of time.
  2. Recruiting top quality advisors and expanding into new markets is difficult, expensive, risky and time consuming.
  3. An efficient way to grow is by acquiring top talent via merger with another RIA.
  4. Close alignment of culture, values, philosophy and a mutual commitment to growth helped us succeed in our recent M&A transaction.

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  • How To Grow With An M&A Strategy

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