Consolidate Your Retirement Accounts

If you have had different jobs in the past, you might have a number of retirement accounts. If this makes your retirement picture seem complicated, you may want to consider a rollover of your other retirement accounts into your current Plan’s account. Consolidating your employer-sponsored accounts gets you:

  • One account number and password
  • One statement
  • One view of your entire retirement picture, making it easier to manage your savings and monitor your progress
  • One list of investment options to accommodate your risk level and needs, including professionally managed portfolios and institutional funds which are often not available to individual investors
  • One easy way to get personalized retirement saving advice to help you build your ideal future more effectively

It is easy to consolidate all of your employer sponsored plan retirement savings with a rollover. This is how you do it.

401(k) Account
  1. Gather the contact information on your former employer-sponsored retirement accounts.
  2. Initiate the withdrawal process with your former employer-sponsored retirement plan(s).
  3. Once you have the paperwork from your former plan(s), access your retirement account through the Plan’s website at and download the Rollover Form.
  4. Complete, sign, and return the paperwork to the former plan(s) and Rollover Form to Savant.

That is it! You have now consolidated your retirement accounts in one place.

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