A Top Registered Investment Advisor by InvestmentNews

December 17, 2009

Savant Capital Management, a fee-only wealth management firm headquartered in Rockford, has again been recognized on InvestmentNews’ lists of RIA Giants and Regional Movers and Shakers in the Midwest. These two lists are part of the financial publication’s Top RIA Rankings quarterly newsletter highlighting the nation’s top Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firms.

InvestmentNews partnered with RIA Database to select the top firms based on the following criteria:

partnered with RIA Database to select the top firms based on the following criteria:

1. Greater than 50% of their business must serve the retail marketplace.

2. They must provide financial planning services, portfolio management for individuals, or conduct due diligence on third party advisers.

3. They must not be doing business as a broker-dealer.

4. They must not charge commissions and must not have registered representative employees at the firm.

5. The RIA firm must provide wealth management services.

6. A dominant portion of the RIA business must not be managing proprietary products.

7. Regions: Northeast, Midwest, Southeast and West.

The newsletter also ranked The Fast Movers and The Up-and-Comers in addition to the RIA Giants and Regional Movers & Shakers.

“Savant is honored to be recognized for its unique approach to managing the financial needs of its clients,” said Savant Managing Partner Brent Brodeski. “We will continue to serve our clients with the guidance they need to receive financial peace of mind.”

Savant has also been listed as a Top RIA Firm on lists ranked by Forbes, Barron’s, Chicago Magazine, BusinessWeek and Medical Economics.

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