Savant Advisor Reaches Out to Hostess Employees to Assist “When Life Strikes”

November 16, 2012

McLean, VA (November 16, 2012) - "There are certain life events that are as stressful as they are unavoidable. All of these events may not happen to every individual, but nonetheless they each cause emotional heartache and financial headache, and Cal Brown of Savant Capital Management's McLean Virginia office has seen them all." That's the overview for the highly-acclaimed book When Life Strikes by Brown, a seasoned financial advisor with Savant Capital Management.

As Hostess Brands, Inc. suspends operations at all 33 of its plants across the country and lays off most of its 18,500-member workforce, Brown has extended his hand to provide free assistance and a complimentary copy of his book to all Hostess employees. Hostess employees can request their copy by visiting and submitting a request form.

"This is an uncertain and can be devastating time for individuals and their families," said Brown. "They need a simple, straight-forward plan of action and next steps so are comfortable and confident in their next-steps decisions."

Brown divides the aspects of the situation in two categories: planning ahead and dealing with reality. Among the advice Brown provides to Hostess employees are:

  • Be Proactive. With approximately 18,000 individuals seeking employment in the same geographical market and skills arena, looking for a new position is a full-time, 8-hour/day job.
  • Analyze Your Future Cash Flow Situation. Review and discuss with your family the current status of all sources of income, expenses, debt and taxes.
  • Manage Your Health Insurance. Be sure to take advantage of the COBRA offered to you during the next 18 months or until you find a new role.
  • Avoid the Three Major Mistakes with Your Retirement Plan. These mistakes include high costs, tax errors and unscrupulous advisors.
  • Control what you can Control. During this timeframe, there are certain issues that are out of your direct power, but others that you can proactively manage which are your attitude and your actions. You cannot control the results but you can control how you think and what you do every day.

Savant is a nationally recognized, fee-only wealth management firm headquartered in Rockford, IL, and is continually recognized among the top in the country, consistently receiving industry recognitions such as being named a top RIA firm by Financial Planning magazine, Financial Advisor magazine, Investment News, Barron's and being recognized as a top wealth magnet in Accounting Today.

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