Savant Capital LLC Expands Ownership

October 5, 2012

  • Savant Capital LLC expands its ownership group; welcomes six long-time employees as new LLC members.
  • Move helps build for the future and creates additional continuity for the nearly 27-year firm.
  • Positions Savant for continued growth and expansion.

Rockford, IL - (October 5, 2012) - Savant Capital, LLC, a national advisory firm which manages more than $2.8 billion in assets, announced that six long-term employees have purchased ownership interests in Savant and have become members of the company. The new employee-members are Tracy Beard, Brian Conroy, Jerry Korabik, Scott Laue, Brent Lindell and Ellen Poppen.

The nearly 27-year firm has focused on growth and continuity as it looks ahead to its next quarter century. This summer, the firm combined with The Monitor Group, a firm in the Washington DC area and announced the addition of seven additional owners. The individuals being named as employee-members today are leaders in the company and will further help to ensure the growth and vision of Savant is pursued for the long-term benefit of its clients.

"Our long-term goal has been to grow our company in such a way that our clients will remain as the primary benefactor, said Brent Brodeski, Savant CEO and Principal. "First and foremost, we want long-term success, confidence and well-being for our clients, then for our team as well as the communities we serve. Expanding ownership in Savant is a key part of our long-term strategy to assure Savant is highly sustainable and remains a top thought leader for multiple generations. We believe in Team Savant and the individuals' roles in building the future of our firm and are thrilled to be able to expand our ownership to these fine employees."

With the addition of the six new members, the Savant ownership group has expanded to a total of 16 individuals - each of who is a current employee of the firm.

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