Savant Explores How the 2012 Election Will Affect Investing Decisions

October 3, 2012

Rockford, IL (October 3, 2012) - Like the Summer Olympics and leap year, presidential elections come every four years. The 57th presidential election will take place this November and historical performance shows the market is often influenced by the outcome of these elections. Decisions being made in Washington may have a major effect on the markets and client portfolios for years to come.

To help better understand why debates - from the Oval Office to the Senate floor and the Supreme Court bench - may affect many of the investing decisions, Savant Capital Management is bringing financial industry leader, Jeff Bush to Rockford. Bush will share his expertise and personal perspectives on the likely outcomes of Washington's latest deliberations. He will also share his insights on the 2012 election and offer strategies to help protect against possible policy changes.

Bush works for the Washington Update and has 24 years of leadership experience in the financial industry. His background includes working at Merrill Lynch for a decade, where he led a team of industry specialists advising high net worth clients on investment strategies. Prior to joining Merrill Lynch, Bush owned his own investment and tax risk consulting firm. Bush holds a bachelor's degree from William Jewell College.

"Jeff has a wealth of knowledge on politics and developments in Washington," said Brent Brodeski, CEO, Savant Capital Management. "We are excited he is joining us in Rockford to share his expertise and inside view on the 2012 presidential election."

The Wise Wealth Forum event featuring Jeff Bush is Tuesday, October 16th at 7 p.m. at NIU Rockford, located at 8500 East State Street. The event is open to the public. To learn more, contact Savant Capital Management at 815-227-0300 or log onto

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