Savant Capital Management Introduces New Retirement Resource Center and Mobile Website

June 20, 2012

Rockford, IL (June 20, 2012) - Savant Capital Management, a nationally recognized fee-only wealth management firm headquartered in Rockford, IL , is announcing the launch of two new technological initiatives: a Savant Retirement Resource Center microsite, and a mobile website. Both sites were developed to keep pace with ongoing demand and trends.

"Savant strives to provide relevant resources to our clients in avenues which they gain information, in this case, through technology," said Brent Brodeski, CEO and Principal of Savant. "These sources will allow our clients, as well as the community, access to beneficial tools and information that can help them pursue short and long-term financial goals."

Retirement Resource Center

The Retirement Resource Center is an online tool that provides individuals with useful tips, strategies, calculators, articles, and blogs focused on building an ideal retirement. The resource center microsite is accessible via Savant's main website and offers helpful information for persons in any stage of retirement, whether they are accumulating funds, nearing retirement, living in retirement, or developing an estate plan.

Savant has over 26 years of retirement planning experience with clients. The new Retirement Resource Center is a step forward in providing broader access to sound retirement planning strategies, resources, and tools to help individuals and families better prepare or live a fulfilling retirement. To explore Savant's Retirement Resource Center, scan the QR code at the left with your smartphone or mobile device.

Mobile Website

Savant's mobile website was created as a result of a 450 percent increase in mobile visits over the previous one-year period. The new site is based on Savant's main website, and the content on both sites is the same. However, the mobile site was developed to be faster and easier for mobile visitors. Its larger, clearer format facilitates navigation on smaller devices like smartphones. To explore the mobile site, visit on your smartphone or mobile device.

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