Defining the Vision & Developing Strategies

"It requires active oversight & proactive advice."

Building your vision of an ideal future depends on efficiently integrating your financial planning, investments, and tax decisions. Our financial planning process starts with determining what is important to you and analyzing your current plan based on the 10 Key Planning Disciplines. Our team then proposes optimal strategies and structures. Of course, a plan will not work if you do not follow through. Thus, the fourth stage helps implement your plan in a focused, efficient, and accountable manner. Finally, our team continually reviews and measures your progress to ensure your plan remains aligned and updated to leverage all available strategies.

Our goal is to bring clarity, focus, simplicity, and efficiency to your life. Our process enables you to maintain a well-structured plan and investment portfolio aligned with your vision and goals. We provide continuous professional guidance and oversight. As a result, your costs may decline and you will likely pay less tax. Better organization will simplify your finances, allowing all your professional advisors to finally work as a team.



Reasons for Financial Planning Failure

  • No plan
  • Disorganized
  • Too little time
  • Too much cost
  • Uncertain future
  • Lack confidence
  • Too much tax
  • Too complex
  • Ineffective diversification
  • Excess or unknown risk
  • Poor performance

The Process of Effective Financial Planning

  • Determine What’s Important
  • Review Current Plan & Portfolio
  • Develop Plan
  • Implement & Coordinate Plan
  • Conduct Review Sessions

The Benefits After Planning

  • Plan & path
  • Organized
  • More free time
  • Lower cost
  • Peace of mind
  • Confidence
  • Tax-efficient
  • Simplicity
  • Effective diversification
  • Managed risk
  • More return

Please Note: "Ideal" is not intended to give assurance as to achieving successful results. Different types of investments and/or investment strategies involve varying levels of risk, and there can be no assurance that any specific investment or investment strategy (including the investments purchased and/or investment strategies devised or undertaken by Savant Capital Management), will be profitable for a client’s portfolio.