10 key financial planning aspects1

Vision & Goals

Helping you align your vision, values, strategies, and investments is something we take very seriously. Individuals who formalize their vision by identifying their priorities and goals have a significantly higher likelihood of achieving success. This is why formalizing goals and priorities is critically important! Through Savant’s Ideal Futures Visioning WorkshopSM we work with you to prepare a personal vision statement. We also help you clarify, organize, and prioritize your goals.

The next step is to perform an objective and comprehensive review of your current financial state. Through Savant’s Ideal Futures Financial Health AssessmentSM we review and prioritize what aspects of your financial situation need attention. We then formulate and propose optimal planning strategies. This process helps us determine if you are using all the financial strategies and tools available. It also helps you capitalize on all available opportunities to closely align your decisions and assets with your goals.

Retirement Planning

A solid retirement plan is critical to providing confidence that you can pursue the lifestyle you desire. It helps ensure that you can reach your goals. Through our Ideal Futures Retirement Planning WorkshopSM we focus on helping you work toward your retirement and accomplish the things that are important to you. We review your current portfolio and savings level, sources of income in retirement, desired lifestyle, and risk tolerance. We determine your needs in retirement and model several scenarios.

Risk Management & Asset Protection

It’s important to protect the assets and wealth you have worked hard to create. We work with you to assess that your insurance coverage is appropriate and your assets are protected. Insurance can help protect you and your loved ones when unforeseen circumstances arise. Insurance can also be an integral part of your estate plan. Asset protection helps shield your assets from creditors and unexpected events.

We start by reviewing your assets and current insurance coverage, including health, disability, long-term care, property and casualty, liability, and life insurance. We then formulate a plan to ensure that you and your loved ones are adequately protected.

Debt Management

Debt can be a helpful tool to plan for your future when used appropriately. It can also be a substantial roadblock if not properly managed. You may be comfortable utilizing debt strategically, or you may prefer to avoid and minimize debt. We listen to what is important to you and review your level and type of debt. We analyze each type of debt in view of its purpose, repayment terms, risk factors, and tax benefits. Through this process we determine its proper role in your overall plan.

Education Planning

Planning for college costs can seem daunting, but through proper planning you can give future generations the gift of higher education. We help to determine an appropriate savings target for future education expenses. We also review and recommend the most appropriate savings vehicles to meet your goals. Our review includes an analysis of the expenses and tax advantages for college saving plans. Our propriety tool helps us determine which college savings plan makes the most sense for you.

Income Tax Planning

Preserving wealth and minimizing tax is important in helping you pursue your goals. Tax planning is integral to our investment management process. It is also important in planning to pass your wealth to heirs in the most tax-responsible manner. Through Savant’s Ideal Futures Tax Opportunities AssessmentSM we review your current tax situation and look for opportunities to minimize your tax bill, both now and in the future. We recommend strategies that will minimize the present value of your tax liability, sometimes over multiple generations.

Investment Planning

For most people, investments are not an end but a means to an end. We view your investment portfolio as a means to achieving your ideal future. Having a sound and disciplined investment strategy is key to preserving and growing your assets. We perform an Investment AnalysisSM to review your current portfolio allocation, risk, and expenses. The Ideal Futures PortfolioSM focuses on selecting the proper risk and return using effective diversification, eliminating excess cost, reducing your tax liability, and providing adequate liquidity and cash flow to meet your needs.

Estate Planning & Administration

Proper estate planning is critical to ensuring that your wealth passes to your heirs according to your wishes. Our estate planning process assists you in planning for your legacy and making sure your loved ones are taken care of. We guide you in creating a plan to make sure your assets pass smoothly and in the most tax-efficient manner possible. Our Wealth Transfer Process provides peace of mind knowing you have a well-structured plan in place. 

Business & Succession Planning

Business planning and succession planning are important in maximizing the value of your business. A thoughtful plan is especially critical when transitioning to a new phase of life. Our team will help you plan for the future through Savant’s Ideal Futures Succession Planning WorkshopSM. Working together, we review and analyze the best way to sell or transition your business. In this process we review the financial, tax, insurance, family, and legal aspects of various opportunities.

Charitable Planning

You worked hard to accumulate wealth and want to share it with organizations that support your values. Charitable giving allows you to make a positive impact on others and leave a legacy by which you will be remembered. We listen to what is important to you and help create a giving plan that accomplishes your goals. This plan also takes advantage of income tax benefits and opportunities. We also review charitable strategies that can be leveraged to help you accomplish non-charitable goals.