Preserving & Growing Your Assets

A key element to pursuing your goals is assuring you have a sound and disciplined investment strategy that is aligned with your plan. An Ideal Futures PortfolioSM is focused on preserving and growing your assets. In addition to risk and return considerations, the portfolio’s goal is to provide effective diversification, eliminate excess cost, reduce your tax liability, and provide adequate liquidity and cash flow to meet your needs and help assure you can afford to live the life you want.

Our proprietary portfolio methodology was developed with the evidence-based approach in mind. Below is a four-step process with multiple layers that we use to help you build a better portfolio. This is a key tool embedded within The Building Ideal Futures ProcessSM.

Investment process 4

Aligning your Investments with your Ideal Plan

In choosing an investment provider, it is important to understand their core beliefs and their investment philosophy to gain perspective regarding how they manage assets and add value. Thus, a key element to achieving your goals is assuring you have a sound disciplined investment strategy that is aligned with and directly embedded into your plan. The four strategies and structures below make up Savant’s philosophy and approach to investing and building portfolios.

1. Responsibilities of a Fiduciary

2. Evidence-Based Investing

3. Investment Maxims

4. The Ideal Futures PortfolioSM