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Back in late 1992, Savant decided to evolve from a basic financial planning firm to one offering investment management services. Early on, we realized the need to establish a “core” philosophy, based on timeless principles, to guide our investment decision making process. We felt this was important because, just as individuals manage their own investments often make mistakes, just as frequently, brokers and advisors will make mistakes for their clients. This is generally the result of greed, fear, indifference, lack of discipline, lack of patience, conflicts of interest, and lack of full disclosure.

Accordingly, we spent several months researching and formalizing, in writing, what we knew to be true. We looked at industry research and catalogued common characteristics of the most successful investors. We also observed the common mistakes made by the most notoriously failed investors. Twenty-four Savant investment maxims resulted—short succinct pieces of wisdom that we have relied on to shape key investment decisions. The idea was to use these timeless insights to sift through countless investment opportunities and adopt only those that were truly “new and improved” while avoiding the “same old repackaged stuff” that permeates most investors’ portfolios.

Over the years we have expanded our maxims—they now number 30. We added maxims as we learned more and as the body of industry and academic knowledge has expanded. These timeless ideas guide our management and investment process to assure prudent decision making.


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