Solid Investments. Your Values.

Values-based investing aligns your investment portfolio with your personal values. Variations of values-based investing are often known as socially responsible, socially conscious, sustainable, ethical, moral, or green investing. Savant’s goal is to maintain an ideal balance of investment and values-based objectives.

Values-Based Investing Overview

  • Investors increasingly want their investment portfolios to be aligned with their personal philosophies.
  • Every investor's personal philosophy, and what type of companies they wish to support with their investment dollars, will vary.
  • Many people wish their investment portfolio to reflect their views on health care matters, environmental issues or human and/or labor rights.

Savant offers two different investment strategies tailored to emphasize your values:

1. Social Values

  • Family Values
  • Human Rights
  • Military & Weapons
  • Religious Beliefs

2. Sustainability

  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Commitment to Community
  • Labor Rights
  • Corporate Responsibility

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