Helping Build Your Employees' Ideal Futures

Are your retirement plan providers meeting your company, management, and employees' needs? Structuring and maintaining a plan that best meets the needs of your organization while insuring compliance with all governing laws and regulations is a full-time job – one that’s fraught with numerous fiduciary hurdles and pitfalls.

While fiduciary duty should be a principal focus, as the plan sponsor you probably don’t have the time or in-depth knowledge necessary to meet the requirements that regulatory bodies demand. This is the impetus that led our team to create the The Ideal Retirement PlanSM.

The Ideal Retirement PlanSM is committed to helping companies provide an attractive benefit plan to their employees while reducing their fiduciary risk and minimizing administrative burden. Furthermore, we do this while providing a best-in-class value proposition to your participants.

The Ideal Retirement Plan Diagram - The Ideal Retirement Plan delivers a turnkey retirement solution.

The Ideal Retirement Plan

The Ideal Retirement Plan delivers a turnkey retirement solution that:

  • Delivers fiduciary oversight, plan administration, and compliance management.
  • Provides a single point of contract to simplify the coordination of all necessary services.
  • Considers cost control through leveraged provider partnerships and full disclosure of fees at all levels.
  • Executes proactive, in-depth employee education through a variety of settings.
  • Offers flexible investment portfolio design options to appeal to the individual participants.


Our Suite of Benefit Plan Solutions Includes:

  1. Ideal 401(k)
  2. Ideal Defined Benefit (Traditional and Cash Balance)
  3. Ideal 457
  4. Ideal Profit Sharing
  5. Ideal 403(b)

Our Retirement Plans Include:

CEFEX Certification

We are proud to serve as a fiduciary to our clients, and it’s been our strategic advantage for nearly 30 years. In fact, the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) has recognized Savant as a Certified Investment Steward and a Certified Investment Advisor. These designations confirm that Savant’s fiduciary practices as an employer and as a provider have been audited by an independent global assessment and certification organization to be in conformity with global fiduciary best practices. We extend these same policies, procedures, and oversight to our Ideal Retirement PlanSM sponsors.