A Renewed Energy To Your Plan

Top Investment Options

The Ideal 401(k) PlanSM delivers low cost, asset class funds. Our strategies avoid market timing and de-emphasize strategies designed to attempt to “beat the market” through speculative security selection. Our plans offer a menu of index and index-like funds designed to provide maximum returns, given participants’ personal risk levels. Research shows that more than 90% of participants’ volatility and return in their portfolio is due to their asset allocation decision. Accordingly, the plan’s investment program makes available a variety of investment classes and diversified portfolio options.

Diversified Model Portfolios

The Ideal 401(k) PlanSM plan provides a variety of model portfolios engineered to maximize projected long-term returns at varying risk levels. These portfolios incorporate broadly diversified global asset classes and range from very conservative (low risk) to aggressive (potentially higher reward). The model portfolios are designed using Modern Portfolio Theory and behavioral finance. Participants can elect pre-designed and well-diversified model portfolios appropriate to their age, risk and return preferences, income needs, and time until retirement. With no ongoing time commitment, participants end up with an investment allocation tuned to their family’s unique needs and circumstances.

Guidance & Education

With The Ideal 401(k) PlanSM, an educational program provides learning opportunities at every stage of the planning and contribution process.

  • Enrollment Meetings
  • Online Education
  • Written Materials
  • One-On-One Advice
  • Annual Review 

Our Retirement Plans Include: