Enhanced Fiduciary Protections. Improved Participant Outcomes.

Often, corporate retirement plans don’t deliver what participants really need. This is because the vast majority of plan sponsors fail to design their plan to optimize participant outcomes. Poorly designed and communicated plans do not instill confidence. This adds to the anxiety already present in today’s workplace. Unfortunately, this means your employees may end up with far too little in retirement. This is a growing problem because the burden of responsibility for retirement savings has clearly and dramatically shifted to employees in recent decades, and employees are falling woefully short of meeting their needs.

"58% of Americans have made no attempt whatsoever at figuring out how much they'll need for retirement."

The simple truth is that most retirement plans force you to make compromises. Until now, there’s never been an easy way of striking a balance between mitigating your fiduciary liability and administrative complexity, and driving better participant outcomes. The Ideal 401(k) PlanSM fills the void.

When comparing plan features, consider how your current plan stacks up against the five pillars of The Ideal 401(k) PlanSM:


1. Plan Design & Coordination Tools

The Ideal 401(k) PlanSM provides technical counsel on effective plan design, a top technology platform, a sound plan document, best practices, implementation, seamless plan conversion, and ongoing plan administration.

2. Fiduciary Consulting

We serve as an acknowledged co-fiduciary, allowing you to benefit from a fiduciary governance system modeled after our own CEFEX-certified 401(k) plan.

3. Investment Consulting

We provide your employees with world-class expertise in all areas of investment planning and asset allocation. We design top-fund lineups that have brands your participants will recognize. We then monitor these funds to make sure they remain best in class.

4. Participant Success Kit

Our success kit provides easy online account access, auto-rebalancing, auto-enrollment, SMarTTM elections, and an online participant success blog. For added assistance, the kit offers employees Qualified Default Investment Alternatives (QDIA) that use age to identify appropriate risk-based model portfolios.

5. Engaged Participant Education

In your customized participant enrollment packets, you will find risk-assessment and guidance tools. The learning box includes written education and enrollment materials, online education, planning tools, and calculators.

Other Retirement Plans Include: