Sustainability Investing

Investors increasingly want their investment portfolios to be aligned with their personal philosophies. Personal philosophies frequently reflect views on environmental stewardship and governance.

With this in mind, Savant introduced our Sustainability model portfolios in 2013. Portfolios are constructed to simultaneously strive to achieve the dual objective of financial returns and satisfying your desire of how these returns are obtained.

Environmental Objectives

The objective of the Sustainability portfolios is to recognize that certain business practices affect the environment, customers, employees, communities and society. Therefore, our Sustainability portfolios take into consideration how companies approach these key areas:

  • Environmental stewardship (climate change, environmental impact, resource use)
  • Commitment to serving local communities and society in general
  • Devotion to high labor standards for their employees and those in the supply chain
  • Dedication to producing safe and quality products
  • Ethical management practices