Aligning Your Investments with Your Plan

As you navigate to your vision of an ideal future, it is important that your investment portfolio is finely tuned and integrates seamlessly with your plan, vision, and goals. The Ideal Futures PortfolioSM uses an engineered approach to target the returns you need with a risk level you can live with.

Since 1993, Savant has followed an evidence-based approach, meaning that we are able to evaluate which investments are more likely to succeed, based on objective criteria, and which investments involve unnecessary risks and costs.

Follow the Evidence

Our proprietary portfolio methodology was developed with the evidence-based approach in mind. Below is a four step process with multiple layers that will help you build a better portfolio and is a key tool embedded within The Ideal Futures PortfolioSM.

Investment process 4

Four Step Process for Building a Better Portfolio:

Step 1 - Investment Strategy Review

  • Review and analyze your existing portfolio
  • Complete Ideal Futures Risk/Return Assessment
  • Confirm your investment strategy

Step 2 - Investment Transition

  • Establish custodial relationships and coordinate asset transfers
  • Formulate tax-efficient transition plan
  • Document investment policy statement (IPS)
  • Design and implement Ideal Futures Portfolio

Step 3 - Investment Management

  • Monitor and manage Ideal Futures Portfolio
  • Systematically rebalance portfolio
  • Proactively manage your tax liability

Step 4 - Portfolio Review

  • Review process regularly
  • Re-affirm alignment of portfolio with your Ideal Futures Plan
  • Update Ideal Futures Portfolio and investment policy statement